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Energianhallinnan palvelut ja energiamurroksen ratkaisut löytyvät Huippuenergialta.


Are you looking for spectacular returns on your energy investment? 

Huippuenergia’s Foremica energy management services are all-in-one  solutions for optimizing and controlling energy usage from household to industrial scale.  

Huippuenergia The Team

We have got “the skills, determination and required tools”. The tool is called Foremica. The determination and skills are in our team.

We are part of Etelä-Savon Energia group. 



Huippuenergia’s services


E-kartoitus: How many electric cars does your car park’s grid capacity allow? Fixed prices and readable reports for housing companies.


Energy management services including production monitoring, load controlling and readiness to demand response market offered as all-in-one solutions


Expert services for energy sector projects

Foremica Heat

Demand response service for district heating. Available for energy companies


Foremica services

Energy usage is transforming due to the increase in inflexible energy production such as wind and solar energy. Inflexible energy production sets up new challenges for efficient energy consumption because the timing of consumption is increasingly important. In addition, new challenges await in the form of electric vehicles, which cause an increase in energy consumption in buildings. Increased energy consumption with existing infrastructure causes a need for intelligent demand management to alter when loads are put on the system, limiting consumption during peak hours to avoid overloading.

 Foremica services offer solutions to these emerging challenges tailored to your needs. Whether you need to control your energy consumption, monitor a solar power plant or automize your household’s electric infrastructure, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Foremica Home: A comprehensive consumer service for optimizing energy production and consumption

Foremica Solar: Helps you to maximize the profitability of your solar investment

Foremica EV: Charge electric vehicles fast with existing electricity infrastructure

Foremica Flex: Combine multiple Foremica’s features to create energy management entities


E-kartoitus is a survey for parking lots to  solve how many electric cars a property’s network can handle at its current capacity.

E-kartoitus includes:

  • Current status of the electricity network
  • Short-circuit current measurements
  • Organoleptic observations, e.g. on the condition of the cables
  • Alerts
  • Readiness of the parking lot and the property to start charging electric cars (yes / no) and by what means

 Fixed prices and more can be found in e-kartoitus website (in Finnish).

PV power plants

We deliver “turnkey” installation of solar power plants to households in the Mikkeli economic area and large power plants throughout Finland. Our PV systems are installed by ESE-Tekniikka Oy and we continuously test and monitor the performance of the products that we offer to our customers.  In addition, the Foremica energy management system is available for monitoring solar power plants. Request a quote: huippuenergia@ese.fi


Check out our references from foremica.com. 

The Team

E-mail addresses: name.surname@ese.fi

Erkki Karppanen

Erkki Karppanen


tel. +358 40 535 9999

Toni Hannula

Toni Hannula

Operation Manager

tel. +358 44 735 3770

Mika Sorjonen

Mika Sorjonen

Project Executive

tel. +358 44 735 3751

Mari Harlin

Mari Harlin

Account Executive

tel. +358 44 735 3752

Joona Mörsky

Joona Mörsky

Product Development Executive

tel. +358 44 735 3753

Juha Pölönen

Juha Pölönen

Sales Manager

tel. +358 44 735 3718

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